Magento Integration

Contentor Localization API Integration

Contentor is a company who delivers content, and this extension implements the features of Contentor Content Localization API, seamless with Magento. If you are a customer of Contentor, or want to be, this extension handles the administration of sending and receiving your content for localization. After just a few minutes of configuration you can order localization of your product and category texts direct from your Magento Admin Panel.

For example, you just received a bunch on new products and put hard work and love to your content for a high conversion on your main market, but want to publish them with the same quality on your other markets. Then just choose the products from the catalog, and select Send for localization in the action menu and hit Submit, check you source and targets and then just watch the progress bar as your content automatically sends to Contentor to be localized by native writers, proofread and then sent back directly into the correct store view in your Magento.

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