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Authentication tokens

Access to the API both via our ready-made integrations and via the HTTP API is granted via tokens. Tokens are basically a replacement for more traditional authentication via a username and password, and allow Contentor to identify who sent a content request and for the API to deliver fulfilled requests back to you.

Production tokens

The primary token type is for production use. When a production token is used any content requests sent will be treated as a new order and Contentor will fulfill the request.


Requests made with production tokens create actual orders and should be treated as secrets. Do not share production tokens with untrusted third-parties.

Test tokens

Test tokens are a type of token that can be used during setup and development. Anything sent via the API with a test token will be treated as tests and will be automatically fulfilled with test-data within a minute.

Getting tokens

The Customer Portal can be used to find the tokens issued for your company. If you do not have access to the customer portal or if anything is unclear you can always send us an e-mail at