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To effectively manage your content throughout the localization or content creation process, the HTTP API provides a feature to query existing requests. These queries consist of one or more criteria, all of which must align for a successful match. Additionally, the API supports sorting the results to facilitate better organization.

Below is an illustrative example of how to retrieve all requests that have been completed since October 1, 2023, and beyond, sorted based on their completion dates using the Content API endpoint.

  "criteria": [
      "type": "state",
      "criteria": "completed"
      "type": "completed"
      "criteria": {
        "from": "2018-02-17T04:19:03.636Z"
  "sortBy": [ "completed" ]

Queries can include the following properties:

Name Type Description
criteria Array [Criteria] Array of criteria, uses and between the criteria so all must match. Required
sortBy Array [String] Array of strings defining the properties to sort on and their order.


Each criteria consists of two properties type and criteria, where criteria depends on the type.

Name Type Description
type String The type of the criteria.
criteria Dynamic Dynamic value depending on the type.

The specific criteria types available depend on the type of query employed by the endpoint. The criteria property on the query object operates with a matching principle, signifying that every criterion used must match.


The query format supports setting the sorting via the property sortBy that can contain an array of properties to sort on. The actual properties depend on the exact type of query. Properties can be sorted in descending order by appending :desc or :descending to them.

  "criteria": ...,
  "sortBy": [ "property:desc" ]