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Magento 1

Getting started

Our Magento extension can be used to add support for sending products and category pages for localization by Contentor. The extension supports several options and workflows, including versioning and automatically publishing products that have been localized.

A non-technical description can be found under the page Magento at Contentors website.


The extension can be installed via Magento Connect Manager, or if you want more control choose FTP upload or SSH.


Before installation, as always, take a backup and test the extension in your test environment. All installations are unique due to selection of other extensions and your specific settings.

In Magento Connect Manager, either install using Extension Key from Magento Connect:

Installation dialog

or install via direct package upload:

Installation dialog

For other installation options, please refer to Magento user manual for assistance.


The extension needs to be configured before it will start working. At a minimum an authentication token and the fields to be localized need to be specified, continue to Configuration to read about all the options available.