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Sending content

The Magento extension supports several ways to send content depending on if it's a product, category or a CMS page.

Single product

On the edit product page there will be an extra tab named Contentor Localization.

Here you just check the Send on save checkbox and save the product, and you see the status below. The text fields that will be sent are selected in the configuration section described before, and all data is visible in the Data to send part of the page.

At the bottom you see the status of the content requests, when they where sent, and received. If you haven't received a content request, you can do a manual check by clicking the Look for updates button.

Free text context

Several products

When managing products in the catalog, just select the products to send as when doing other tasks and then choose Send for Localization in Actions and click Submit.

Send Multiple Products

Review the settings, you have the same possibility to change source and target language as when sending single products, and of course the ability to edit and add an extra context field, then click Send for Localization in the upper right corner.

Send Multiple Products Settings

The page will send products in batches to prevent timeout in Magento, when finished you can see the status and a link to the report page.

Send Multiple Products Done


This page works exactly as the product page. The content fields that will be sent are selected in the configuration, and a preview available before sending. It is also possible to provide extra context when sending.

Send Category

CMS Pages

The controls for sending CMS Pages are the same as for products and categories, but with the difference that when receiving requests, the extension will create a new page with all the sent attributes replaced.

Send CMS Pages