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API Authentication

Access to the API, whether through our pre-built integrations or the HTTP API, is managed through authentication tokens. These tokens replace traditional username and password authentication and serve to identify the sender of a content request, allowing the API to deliver the fulfilled requests back to you.

Production tokens

The primary token type is meant for production use. When you use a production token, any content requests sent will be treated as actual orders, and Contentor will process and fulfill the request accordingly.


Requests made with production tokens result in real orders and should be treated as sensitive information. Avoid sharing production tokens with untrusted third parties.

Test tokens

Test tokens are designed for use during setup and development. Anything sent via the API with a test token is considered a test request and will be automatically fulfilled with test data.

Getting tokens

To obtain tokens (for test and/or for production purpose), please contact us directly via email at and our team will assist you as soon as possible.