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Machine translation

Machine translation is supported over our API and can be combined with human localization and features such as versioning. To support maximum flexibility machine translation can either be activated for an entire content request or for individual fields within the request.


The support for machine translation is centered around specifying a policy for how content is to be fulfilled. These policies activate different behavior and allows for things like delivering machine translations early with human localization being delivered later.

It is possible to combine several different policies in the same content request, to say request one field as machine translated but another as human localization.

Only automatic

The Only automatic policy will deliver only an automatic machine translation without any human review. This is useful to quickly translate lots of content, with the option to upgrade their quality later by requesting a new version of them.

With full rewrite

The With full rewrite policy will quickly deliver a machine translation but will also request a human localization of the content. This type of policy is useful to get back a translation that can be used quickly and then replace it with a better human localization as it becomes available.

With post-editing

The With post editing policy will machine translate content and request that a human post-edits it to clean it up. This type of policy will deliver a machine translation quickly and later on will be fulfilled with a cleaned up version of said translation.


Machine translation is ready to support different providers of the translations, but as it's currently an experimental feature only Google Translate is currently available.

The machine translation hint in a response will contain the provider property. This property describe whith machine translation provider was used. If intermediateValue of a with-full-rewrite or with-post-editing, or value of a only-automatic request is used, it is required to give attributions to this provider anywhere the content is used in your systems.

If value of with-full-rewrite or with-post-editing is used, this is not required.

If you're interested in this feature and have another provider in mind send us an e-mail at to see what we can do.

Google Translate

If the provider is Google Translate your system must comply with the HTML Markup Requirements found at and the attribution requirements found at

Dynamic Routing

If the provider is Dyanic Routing, please contact Contentor for information regarding attributions for your system.