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Context and hints

Context is one of the most important things to think about when putting together content requests. Extra information about the content that should be fulfilled, regardless if it's a localization or content creation, helps Contentor to fulfill the request more efficiently and with improved quality.


Whenever a context field or hint contains text it should be provided in either the source language, the target language or in English.

Context fields

Fields can be of the type context in which case their value is intended to provide longer context that makes it clear what the other fields are about. This can be things such as the category name of a product, a description of the product from the manufacturer or a target audience of a webpage.

In the case of localization it might be a URL to a public webpage that can be visited to find out more about what is being localized.


If a context field is provided as HTML it will is treated as a source and will be displayed in source-form. This is so that its possible to provide an HTML template for content creation requests. If you want to provide readable context it is recommended to send it as a regular string without HTML-tags and other formatting.


Hints are a special kind of context that helps with things such as providing extra instructions for a field, limiting the amount of text or hinting about the word count.

Word count

The word count hint is used for creatable fields to indicate how many words the finished text should be. The value is an estimation and the exact text may contain fewer or more words.


Fields can also be limited in the maximum amount of text they can contain. The length limit counts the length of the text in characters and ensures that the value is never longer than the limit.

Free text

Free-text is a hint that provides context but tied directly to a field. It can be used when special instructions are needed for a field.