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Context and hints

Context is a crucial element to consider when constructing content requests. Providing additional information about the content to be fulfilled, whether it's for localization or content creation, significantly aids Contentor in efficiently and effectively fulfilling the request.


When including text in a context field or hint, it should be provided in either the source language, target language, or in English.

Context fields

Fields classified as context fields play a valuable role in content requests. They provide in-depth context, helping to clarify the relevance of other fields. These context fields may include essential details such as the product category name, the manufacturer's product description, or the target audience of a webpage.

In localization scenarios, it might involve sharing a URL to a public webpage, offering additional insights into what's being localized.


If a context field is provided in HTML format, it's treated as source content and displayed in its source form. This allows the provision of an HTML template for content creation requests. For clear and readable context, it's advisable to send it as a regular string without HTML tags and additional formatting.


Hints are a specialized form of context that assists in various aspects, such as providing extra instructions for a field, restricting the text's length, or suggesting a word count.

Word count

The word count hint is particularly relevant for creatable fields, indicating the desired length of the final text in terms of word count. The specified value is an estimate, and the actual text may contain a slightly different number of words.


Fields can also have maximum text length limitations, expressed in character count. These limitations ensure that the text doesn't exceed the defined limit.

Free text

The "free text" hint provides context directly linked to a specific field and is useful when special instructions are required for that field.