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Content creation

Through our API, you not only have the ability to send content for translation, but we also offer a comprehensive content creation service. With just a few simple instructions, you can request a wide range of tailored content. This includes persuasive and informative product descriptions, engaging blog posts, or even detailed case studies.

For instance, you might order product texts that highlight the unique features and benefits of your latest tech gadget, crafted to captivate and inform your audience. Alternatively, you could request an in-depth article exploring the success stories of your clients, demonstrating the real-world impact of your services.

Hints with instructions

To help our writers and content creators produce the best possible content for you, you need to provide 'hints' within your request. These hints might include specific style guides, tone preferences, contextual information, or restrictions of the length of the content.

Free text

Use the free-text hint to include descriptive text, tonality, links to internet pages or images, or anything else that helps get your point across. This way, our writers get a better picture of what you're looking for, making sure the final content really hits the mark.


Gives you the possibility to specify the approximate number of words to use in the created text.


Similiar to the wordcount hint above but in stead specify the approximate number of characters.