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Versioning of content

The Contentor platform offers a feature called content versioning, allowing us to keep track of changes made between two content requests. This feature focuses on capturing and updating only the modified parts of the content.

Versioning is accomplished by submitting updates to previously sent content requests. The system then thoroughly examines the changes made between the update and the previous version of the content.


Our pre-built integrations seamlessly support content versioning and can be configured to use this feature or send full requests.

When using the HTTP API , you must keep track of the identifier of the last submitted content request for a specific product, page, or entity. To create an update, provide all the content as usual and specify the type and a link to the previous version, following the content request format.


It is possible to add new fields that's not present in the previous request. These fields will be treated as a new request, and will be translated accordingly.

Versioning requests are designed for making small, incremental updates to previously translated content requests. If substantial changes are required, it's best to submit a new content request instead.