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Versioning of content

The Contentor platform supports versioning of content where we keep track of only work on what has changed between two content requests.

Versioning is done by sending updates to previously sent content requests and when fulfilling the request Contentor will see the changes made between the update and its previous version.


Our ready-made integrations support versioning out of the box and can be configured to either use versioning or to send full requests.

In the HTTP API you will need to keep track of identifier of the last sent content request for a product, page, or entity. For an update send all of the content as usual but mark the type and link to previous version as described in format of content requests.

It is possible to add on new fields in an update, in which case they are equivalent to fields in a normal content request. If any field that was previously present is not in the update request it treated as the field should be removed, meaning it will not be present when the request is fulfilled.